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This Blog is about Appery.io platform. Main idea of the blog is to provide as much as possible useful code snippets and videos to work with Appery.io.


About Authors

Yegor Cotov (Егор Котов)
(Yegor Cotov)Front-end developer. Former developer at Exadel Inc. a parent company of Appery LLC and Apperyio Services team. I decided to create this blog about Appery.io, because I was very fascinated by this platform since I first saw it and I want, somehow, to contribute. Blog was the only option to do so. I think community can benefit from apperyio tutorials and appery tips, that I can provide.

Aperry.io is SaaS cloud-based platform and huge piece of software, which has 3 types of projects:

  1. JQM – based on Phonegap, jQuery Mobile and many more;
  2. Ionic1 + AngularJS – based on Phonegap, Ionic as UI, AngularJS as logic;
  3. Bootstrap + AngularJS –  based on Phonegap, Bootstrap as UI, AngularJS as logic;

Thus small code snippets and video tutorials will be always in demand, for those how just started working with Appery.io.


Kulibaba Sergiy

(Sergiy Kulibaba) Software engineer at Exadel Inc.. Participates in this blog, providing advices and developing tools as an expert of Appery.io platform.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. It’s very hard to find reliable resources for Appery.io. The tutorials show one thing and then the forum says another. I keep getting only partial answers to my questions. My biggest problem I need to solve as soon as possible is how to map my app page field inputs to the database. I can’t seem to get anything to show up in the database. Would you guys be willing to provide a few minutes of help reviewing my work and letting me know what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hello Sara,
      The issue with docs is that you probably creating one type of project and examples for other. Like JQM as a project type, but docs are for ionic or vice versa.
      Your problem is not complex. I can show you how it can be fixed. Details in the email.

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