Query generator for Appery.io DB

This tool allows to generate simple query for your Appery.io Database. It will save your time and, probably, let you avoid some typos/mistakes during development, especially if you are a beginner.
Tool is not ideal, but it will be improved from time to time. Now it has only AND and OR operators, but for “_createdAt” and “_updatedAt” columns queries generates as Appery.io Database demands it.
We hope it will be useful.


3 thoughts on “Query generator for Appery.io DB”

  1. Hi I need to query a collection

    with two pointers

    heres what ive got but it does nothing
    var getEEImage = {“$and”: [
    {“ExerciseID”: {“$inQuery” : { “collName”:”level1content”,”_id” : Apperyio(“mobilelabel_exercise_id”).text()}}},
    {“BetaTesterID”:{“$inQuery” : { “collName”:”earlybetatesters”,”_id” : Apperyio(“mobilelabel_BetaTesterID”).text()}}},
    ] };
    return getEEImage;

    1. Hi Jonesey.
      There is no query itself, so I don’t know if you actually called it
      I see 2 issues here: a) complex query – it is better simplify it b) inQuery is redundant.
      So I would wrote it like this:
      var exercise_id = Apperyio(“mobilelabel_exercise_id”).text();
      var BetaTesterID = Apperyio(“mobilelabel_BetaTesterID”).text()
      var getEEImage = {“$and”: [
      {“ExerciseID”: { “collName”:”level1content”,”_id” : exercise_id }},
      {“BetaTesterID”: { “collName”:”earlybetatesters”,”_id” : BetaTesterID }},
      ] };
      return getEEImage;

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