Pretty ionic popups in Apperyio app.


You might want to use ionic native popups and alerts. Most of developers doesn’t realize how native javascript alert looks ugly until they see it on the device in build they made for testing purposes.


Apperyio wrapps most of ionic core components and utilities. You can find them, if you try to research what apperyio has and has not.

One of neat components is ionicPopup. To add it on any page of your Apperyio app follow 2 steps below:

  1. Add code from screenshot to your init page.
  2. Use your variable in any function on the same page.

ionicPopup component in Apperyio application

IonicPopup usage in Apperyio application

You can also use 1 of 3 functions available:

alert – shows a generic alert message as in featured image, just one ‘OK’ button

confirm – a popup

show – a fully configurable popup component.

You can find them in the link

Ionic Popup component docs

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